corrosion testing

Corrosion Testing

Corrosion testing is a process that is fundamental to understanding how metallic materials, products and components degrade over time. Corrosion testing is the only way to ensure that the tested materials will reach their projected design life.

Corrosion is a natural process that happens to every material under certain environmental conditions.

Corrosion causes materials to degrade. This degradation will eventually lead to the critical failure of equipment, materials or assists.

These kinds of failures can be expensive to fix. However, these issues can also result in unscheduled production downtime and reputational damage to a company or an organisation.

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Corrosion Testing FAQ

  • What is corrosion testing?

    Corrosion testing is an umbrella term that refers to the processes conducted by laboratories that is designed to help prevent or reduce the issues related to corrosion. Corrosion testing is part of failure analysis that is applied to infrastructure products and industrial materials.

  • What industries take advantage of corrosion testing?

    Corrosion testing is used in the automotive, aerospace, materials and the construction industry.

  • How do I hire Metlab for corrosion testing?

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