concrete testing

Concrete Testing

Getting concrete testing done from Metlab will help to ensure that your concrete and aggregate materials are at a quality that complies with compulsory regulations and quality control standards.

We offer a full range of concrete testing services to ensure that the concrete you are using is compliant with quality standards. We provide highly specialised testing along with accreditation for a wide range of standards. We can help you comply with relevant regulations, ensure the quality of your concrete is where it should be, evaluate the performance of your materials, and also help control your quality of concrete.

What Our Concrete Testing Includes

At Metlab, we offer comprehensive concrete testing at every step of your project. From your first pour to the finished product, we are there with you along the way. Our concrete testing includes:

  • Sampling of fresh concrete and slump on site

  • Testing specimens on-site and in our laboratory

  • Flexural testing

  • Compression testing on moulds and hardened concrete cores

  • Mass per unit volume testing for hardened concrete

  • Strength and toughness of hardened concrete

  • Water absorption testing

  • And much more…

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Pressure Vessel Testing FAQ

  • What are core tests in concrete testing?

    Core tests are performed to assess whether the concrete in a new structure complies with strength-based acceptance criteria. It is also used in existing structures for the evaluation of structural capacity.

  • Why is concrete testing important?

    Concrete testing is important because by performing these tests, we are measuring factors like strength, consistency, weight, air content, and temperature. However, by performing concrete testing consistently, we will detect changes in the concrete that could affect its long-term performance. Contact us today to learn more about concrete testing.