Metlab Information

We fully recognise our corporate responsibility to provide a safe place of work for all our employees, whilst protecting others who may be affected as a consequence of our actions. We undertake to comply at all times with relevant Safety Regulations. We have an established track record of performing work to the highest safety standard and this is achieved by effective communication, planned preparation and ensuring personnel have received the appropriate level of safety training for their roles and tasks, using best practice methods. We are safety focused in everything we do to ensure that we do not cause harm or injury to our employees, and to others with whom we share our work space.

Metlab also operates a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001. We recognise the importance of effective project management and thorough quality planning, as well as clear and effective communication. A strong team organisational structure and clear and effective communication stream to our clients are of paramount importance to ensure all milestones are achieved both effectively and efficiently.