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Polyethylene Pipe Testing

Metlab offer testing services for butt and electrofusion polyethylene pipes assemblies.
In 2020 Metlab and Impact Training designed and developed the first certified Polyethylene Electrofusion Welding Course to meet the expansion of the use of Polyethylene Welding in the Irish Construction sector.
The project was initiated by Waterford Wexford Education Training Board (WWETB) in their role as a key partner to industry in terms of employee upskilling and training.
The objective is to provide the learners who have previous experience in Polyethylene Electrofusion Welding with the skills to enable them to use Electrofusion welding equipment to weld/join polyethylene pipes safely and competently on potable water and wastewater mains systems using Electrofusion Techniques to IS EN 13067:2020 standard.

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