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welding inspection

Consultancy (Inspection)

Welding Inspection

Coating Inspection

Material Inspection

Conformance Inspection

Vendor Inspection

Vessel Inspection (EPA enforced and Statutory)

Tank Inspections (EEMUA / API)

Corrosion under insulation surveys (CUI)

GRP Tank inspections

Statutory Inspections (Refrigeration Equipment and Unfired Pressure Vessels)

Passivation Verification on stainless steel vessels to determine passive layer is intact

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Corrosion Surveys

Metlab offers corrosion surveys. Corrosion surveys are comprehensive inspections conducted to assess the extent and severity of corrosion on various structures or materials. Corrosion is a natural process that occurs when metals or materials are exposed to their environment, leading to the deterioration of their physical properties.

The primary purpose of a corrosion survey is to identify and evaluate corrosion-related damage, predict future deterioration, and determine the overall condition of the structure or material under investigation. These surveys are crucial in manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, infrastructure, and marine sectors, where corrosion can cause significant safety hazards, operational disruptions, and financial losses.

To discuss corrosion surveys with our experts, please contact our expert team today.

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