Certification Scheme Name and Description

Qualification of Plastics Welding Personnel  - Thermoplastic welded assemblies - Based on examination of knowledge and skill.

Scheme Designation: EN 13067 Sub-groups 3.6, 3.7 & 3.8


Welding of thermoplastics welded assemblies in accordance with EN 13067 – Material Group 3 (PE) -  Sub-groups 3.6, 3.7. 3.8 (Electrofusion)


Admission to qualification tests

Only applicants whose training and /or work experience show that they are likely to pass the test may be admitted as a candidate, applicants who meet one of the following conditions are deemed eligible:-

  • Completed an apprenticeship as plastics fabricator.
  • Minimum of two years practical experience as plastics welder
  • Completed a technical and practical training course in preparation for the plastic welders qualification test.